Dear Kerry: It was indeed a pleasure talking with you the other day.  As I told you on the phone, my wife and I have been vegetarians and organic gardeners for about 40 years. We are avid fermenters (kefir, kimchi, and pickled everything from garlic to broccoli) for the last five or so.  We believeContinue reading “Bravo!”

I Love Biodigesters

Put A Bucket Of Bugs To Work For You James Jaffa of Century 21 Carwash in Jacksonville, FL says “Since I started using Biodigesters “bugs” the reclaimed water “stink” in my carwash has disappeared. I have also noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of oils throughout my entire wash water reclaim system. The bugsContinue reading “I Love Biodigesters”

Biodigesters Eliminate Odor from Our Wash Bay

Bill Kleman of Scott Machinery Co. SLC, UT says: “In 1999, with the installation of our first zero discharge (recycling) wash pad, we incorporated Biodigesters into our wastewater treatment system. One of the major problems with recycling systems is smell and the Biodigesters have eliminated the stink, they have provided a smell free system forContinue reading “Biodigesters Eliminate Odor from Our Wash Bay”

My Hot Tub Almost Maintains Itself

Dear Bio,  Over 3-months ago I made a command decision to change hot tub chemistry and stop using chlorine and ozone. This is a Dimension One Spa (Chairman) purchased used in May of this year. While I have had a career of water treatment experience, admittedly, I didn’t know much about care for a hotContinue reading “My Hot Tub Almost Maintains Itself”

This is a Product That Really Works

Dear Pond Owners, There’s a new product on the market to help pond owner’s keep their ponds free from algae.   This stuff works like magic to rid any pond of that ugly, persistent slime. It’s called Biodigesters and the technology is similar to that used in a waste water processing plant. Select strains of friendlyContinue reading “This is a Product That Really Works”