All Natural, Non-chemical Pool & Spa Treatment

Use Biodigesters to treat your spa

Most problems with pools and spas are caused by the buildup of organic contaminants – Suntan oils, body lotions, personal care products, etc. They make the water cloudy, clog the filters, and produce ugly scum rings that are tough to remove. Chemical treatment may clear up these unsightly symptoms, but chemicals propose a number of potential health and environmental risks, and they are expensive and time-consuming to apply. A non-chemical pool, spa and hot tub treatment is needed.

Biodigesters™ Pool & Spa Treatment is the powerful, all-natural solution for crystal clear water.

Containing beneficial bacteria and enzymes to specifically degrade organic contaminants, Biodigesters™ Pool & Spa Treatment provides clear, sparkling water for the whole family to enjoy. Biodigesters™ Pool & Spa Treatment is safe for people and pets, and contains no chlorine, bromine or other harsh chemicals.

Pool and spa owners can now spend less time, money, and hassle to keep their water clean and clear. Biodigesters™ Pool & Spa Treatment packs the power of nature into every jar, taking the work out of maintenance so you can play even more. Simply compare the benefits to other leading brands and you’ll see why Biodigesters ™ Pool & Spa Treatment is the best value overall.

How Do Biodigesters work?

Biodigesters will colonize the spa/pool and multiply by a factor up to 1,000 times within a few hours, take away the nutrients that encourage algae (thus eliminating unsightly growth on walls and surfaces). Dead skin cells, body oils and personal care products are also consumed.

Biodigesters are so prolific they multiply (doubling the cell count) every 15-20 minutes. If you start out with one cell in fifteen minutes you have two and so on. In 8 hours you will have 17-million and in twenty-four hours you have a 1 with one hundred and twenty six zeros behind it. They simply out number the bacteria present in the system.

Biodigesters microbes are reliable scavengers that thrive on organic mass (waste). As supplied they are in suspended animation (micro-encapsulated) but are revived when added to the spa/pool water. Shortly thereafter, they begin to digest excreta, excess organics, oxidize ammonia, reduce nitrites, nitrates, and other N-Compounds and reduce odors.

There are over 15,000 known bacterial strains. Our bacteria and enzymes are selected for their ability to aggressively breakdown the targeted substrate. First, we select only facultative strains that can operate in aerobic (with oxygen) or anaerobic (oxygen depleted) situations. Our bacteria are most effective in an aerobic state working 5-7 times faster. We also take into consideration other factors like resistance to; high and low pH, chemical shock and temperature. BD can tolerate a Ph of 4.5 to 9.5 without dieing off, but…the closer to neutral pH of 7 the better. They are resistant to disinfectants like chlorine up to 150 PPM and remain active in temperature ranges of 50-140 degrees F.

UV lights and Ozone Generators must be turned off when using Biodigesters.

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