Aeration Systems

Save power and aerate (40 GPM) 2400 gallons per hour. Turning over the water in a pond every 4-5 hours is usually enough to keep the water aerobic. Great for ponds up to 11,000 gallons using one pump, larger ponds can be served with additional units..

Our Biodigester Aeration System™ uses only 4 amps of 110 volt power. Its exclusive air adductor system injects microscopic oxygen bubbles into the water raising the dissolved oxygen (DO) content.

The system is placed in the bottom of your pond or lagoon where it draws water directly from the pond though the pump pressurizing the water through its adductor system. Water is returned to the pond highly aerated. Fresh air is drawn into the adductor system through a snorkel tube with the inlet end placed above the water line.

It’s almost invisible and very effective.

  • Liquid Cooled Sealed Motor
  • Automatic Float Protection System
  • Over Temp Cut Out
  • 15′ Air Inlet Hose
  • 25′ Grounded Power Cord