BD-C, Algae Control Treatment For Decorative Ponds, Fountains And Aquascapes

An untreated pond full of algae

The Problem

There is a clear need for a safe, effective means to reduce or eliminate organic waste build-up, toxic ammonia concentrations, and algae blooms. A solution which works in both commercial aquaculture, aquariums, decorative fountains and pond situations.

In addition, although a variety of water filtration systems are currently available, all biological systems, regardless of the particular design, require frequent maintenance and upgrading in order for them to work efficiently. An inefficient filtration system is a serious problem for all aquaculture situations since the filtration system can actually increase the amount of available nutrient and organic matter in the system, thereby compounding an already serious problem.

The Solution

BD-C has been specially designed to inhibit algae growth by removing its food sources. Biodigesters (affectionately referred to as “bugs”) are a combination of all natural bacteria, lab grade purified enzymes with micro and macronutrients. BD-C bacteria and enzymes are targeted to the food sources available in pond water. Our Bugs can successfully attack, degrade, and liquefy fecal mass, undigested food, and other organics that contribute to a build-up of ammonia and bottom solids. By adding Biodigesters you bring condition the marine environment ecology, closest to natures own.

Biodigesters will colonize the tank/pond, multiply by a factor up to 1,000 times within a few hours, take away the nutrients that encourage algae (thus eliminating unsightly growth on walls and surfaces), and liberate carbon dioxide for oxygenating plants.

Biodigester microbes are reliable scavengers that thrive on organic mass (waste). As supplied they are in suspended animation (micro-encapsulated) but are revived when added to the tank / pond water. Shortly thereafter, they begin to digest excreta, excess food, oxidize ammonia, reduce nitrites, nitrates, and other N-Compounds while reducing odors.

How Biodigesters Work

Aquatic ponds and tanks frequently become plagued with; algae in many forms, fish excrement, ammonia, nitrates and nitrites and poor water clarity from organic matter. By out competing the natural occurring bacteria for the available food sources, algae and odor causing bacteria die off and thus the objectionable smell is eliminated. In addition it consumes pond waste; bottom solids, fish excrement, organic and plant matter while eliminating odors.

Biodigesters proprietary blend of all natural bio-cultures and enzymes have been selected for their ability to effectively digest/degrade extremely heavy concentrations of organic mass within an aquatic system. Reducing those hostile factors that have been determined to be detrimental to the health and life cycle of both fin and shell fish.

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