Dear Kerry:

It was indeed a pleasure talking with you the other day.  As I told you on the phone, my wife and I have been vegetarians and organic gardeners for about 40 years. We are avid fermenters (kefir, kimchi, and pickled everything from garlic to broccoli) for the last five or so. 

We believe strongly in the ability of a healthy microbiome to make a huge difference in our health and well-being.  So it made sense when, about 4 or so years ago, I discovered your biodigesters on the web and ordered a ½-pound jar.  We have a 30 year old hot tub that we use every night, and that gets occasional visits from our grandkids. 

Since I started using biodigesters, I have not put a single chemical in the tub and the water has stayed clear and clean ever since.  All I do is change the filter every 6-10 months and do an occasional vacuuming to pick up the small granules that accumulate over time. 

I have also used it in the small lotus pond in our garden and that, too, stays clear and clean (and does not interfere with the frogs, who serenade us every evening).

Although I have recommended biodigesters to friends and family, they have seemed reticent to experiment with it, which I can understand given the (understandable) pressure from the industry to buy their chemicals. 

But for those of us who realize the huge (and often wonderful) role that microbes play in our lives and health and well-being, this stuff really works well.

Thank you!!!

David Commons (aka “Papa Ferment”)