This is a Product That Really Works

Dear Pond Owners,

There’s a new product on the market to help pond owner’s keep their ponds free from algae.  

This stuff works like magic to rid any pond of that ugly, persistent slime. It’s called Biodigesters and the technology is similar to that used in a waste water processing plant. Select strains of friendly bacteria are employed to clean the water to a pristine state. 

Here in the Garden Center I talk to many pond owners who are frustrated with their pond because they thought they were building a pristine mountain pool, and what they have more closely resembles their concept of a Louisiana Bayou. 

Since I first discovered these friendly bugs, I have sold them to every pond owner I encountered and have yet to hear a disappointed response.   

There is a large pond here at the Garden Center that has been an embarrassment for years because of the algae growth.   This is the first year I have treated it with Biodigesters and, curiously, this is the first year it has looked clean.  

This is a GOOD product that actually does live up to it’s advertisements.

Nursery and Pond Consultant,
G. Rex Buys