BD-C, Algae Control Treatment For Decorative Ponds, Fountains And Aquascapes

An untreated pond full of algae

How Much Do I Need?

BD Dry formula is used for seed dosing (initial propagation) and maintenance on large ponds (lakes).

Seed Dose:

1 Tbs. per 1,000 gallons
1 lb. per 50,000 gallons
6 lbs. per acre ft. of water (325,000 gallons)

You simply mix the product into warm (not hot) water and evenly introduce it around the waters edge.

Maintenance Dose:

½ tsp. per 1,000 gallons
5 Tbs. per 50,000 gallons
1 lb. per acre ft. of water (325.000 gallons)

Maintenance doses should be applied every week until algae stops forming and then every ten days to two weeks.

BD Liquid can be automatically dosed into the smaller bodies of water with our unique Ultra Dose system. For every one minute of run time the auto-doser adds 3 oz. to the system. Consult us for dosage rates. Liquid BD can be purchased in 6, 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums.

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