BD-C, Algae Control Treatment For Decorative Ponds, Fountains And Aquascapes

An untreated pond full of algae

The Selection Process

There are over 3,000 known bacterial strains. Our bacteria and enzymes are selected for their ability to aggressively breakdown the targeted substrate. First, we select only facultative strains that can operate in aerobic (with oxygen) or anaerobic (oxygen depleted) situations. Our bacteria are most effective in an aerobic state working 5-7 times faster. We also take into consideration other factors like resistance to; high and low pH, chemical shock and temperature. BD can tolerate a Ph of 4.5 to 9.5 without dieing off, but…the closer to neutral pH of 7 the better. They are resistant to disinfectants like chlorine up to 150 PPM and remain active in temperature ranges of 50-140 degrees F.

Proven Applications Include

Lakes and Ponds
Decorative Fountains
Cooling Towers
Water Gardens
Fish and Shrimp Farms

Is It Safe?

No Permits or Licenses are required because BD-C is not an algaecide. The bacteria only attack dead organic matter. Therefore, it does not fall under FIFRA review and does not require a permit and licenses do not apply. All Biodigester products are guaranteed pathogen free; every batch is checked for purity. Our bacterial strains are Not Genetically Engineered , they are all naturally occurring strains.

Dry And Liquid Formulas

BD is supplied in two forms, liquid and dry. The patented process used to microencapsulate our product protects it from activation in its dry form. We guaranty an active cell count of 2.7 trillion cells per lb. for two years. Once stabilized in a liquid that does not break the micro encapsulation process BD-C remains 100% viable with a cell count of 450 billion per gallon for one full year.

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