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Aquarium Care

Aquariums are lovely little bits of heaven that have been proven to lower your blood pressure and heart rate; some claim they extend your life.

Anyone who owns an aquarium, salt or fresh water knows that constant care and maintenance is the key an appealing waterscape and happy healthy fish. Now there is a way to obtain these results without the constant cleaning.

Biodigesters are the answer

Biodigesters been specially designed to inhibit algae growth in aquariums by removing its food sources. Biodigesters (affectionately referred to as “bugs”) are a combination of all natural bacteria, lab grade purified enzymes with micro and macro nutrients. Biodigesters bacteria and enzymes are targeted to the food sources available in your aquariums water. Biodigesters can successfully attack, degrade, and liquefy fecal mass, undigested food, and other organics that contribute to a build-up of ammonia and bottom solids within the aquarium. Biodigesters condition the marine environments ecology, close to natures own.

Biodigesters microbes are reliable scavengers that thrive on organic mass (waste). As supplied they are in suspended animation (micro-encapsulated) but are revived when added to the tank. Shortly thereafter, they begin to digest excreta, excess food, oxidize ammonia, reduce nitrites, nitrates, and other N-Compounds and reduce odors.

Biodigesters proprietary blend of all natural bio-cultures and enzymes have been selected for their ability to effectively digest/degrade extremely heavy concentrations of organic mass within an aquatic system. Reducing those hostile factors that have been determined to be detrimental to the health and life cycle of both fin and shell fish.

Application and Dosing Rates

Biodigesters dry formula is used for seed dosing (initial propagation) and maintenance.

Seed Dose:
1 tsp. per 300 gallons

1/4 tsp. per 300 gallons each week

You simply mix the product into warm (not hot) water and evenly introduce it around the aquarium.

What to Expect After Application

2 to 4 days there will be a reduction in nitrogen and phosphorus levels.
3 to 4 days there will be a reduction in odors.
8 to 10 days there should be a visible improvement in clarity and water quality.

Addition Benefits of Biodigesters

1. Eliminate odors by digesting the organic bottom solids and the naturally occurring bacteria that produce odors.
2. Decrease oxygen requirements for oxidation of organic matter within the water column, thus increasing available oxygen for fish.
3. Reduce bottom solids by converting organic matter to carbon dioxide and water.
4. Eliminates glass and bottom scum by digesting algae’s primary food source (nitrogen and phosphorus). As the algae dies from lack of food and is digested by the Biodigesters.
5. Improves water clarity and quality by digesting suspended organics in the water column.
6. Biodigesters, which do extend the life of a filtration system, mean lower maintenance costs and more effective optimization of water conditions.

Special Notes

For the best performance of Biodigesters, drain and clean the aquarium prior to treating. This makes it easier and faster for the microorganisms to establish control of your system.  Do not use protein skimming devices when using Biodigesters.

Packaging is in 8 oz. Jars, 1 pound Jars and 20 lb. kegs. (Liquid by quote only)


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