Lab Grade Purified Enzymes are the most expensive ingredient in our products. Each strain is hand selected and thoroughly checked before replication. Make no mistake putting impure enzymes into your product creates a confused bacterium. Its like giving someone several road maps to follow and not telling them which one is to the correct destination.

The Selection Process

There are over 3,000 known bacterial strains. Our bacteria and enzymes are selected for their ability to aggressively breakdown the targeted substrate. First, we select only facultative strains that can operate in aerobic (with oxygen) or anaerobic (oxygen depleted) situations. Our bacteria are most effective in an aerobic state working 5-7 times faster. We also take into consideration other factors like resistance to; high and low pH, chemical shock and temperature. Biodigester products can tolerate a Ph of 4.5 to 9.5 without dieing off, but…the closer to neutral pH of 7 the better. They are resistant to disinfectants like chlorine up to 150 PPM and remain active in temperature ranges of 50-140 degrees F. DNA matching insures that each correct strain of bacteria is used.

Grow Out and Stabilization

Once the correct bacteria are selected for a particular formula they are propagated to many, many times their numbers, then flash frozen and dried. Once put into a state of dormancy they are micro encapsulated to protect them from moisture. This is a patented process. Targeted enzymes along with micro and macro nutrients are added finishing off the formula.

Micro And Macro nutrients

To make our bacteria start reproducing immediately upon activation key nutrients are supplied providing them instant food. These nutrients supply a well rounded diet until the enzymes provided in the formula start breaking down the substrate and serving it up to the bacteria.

Why Biodigesters Perform

Natural occurring bacteria are seldom found in high enough numbers to obtain the fast breakdown rates provided by Hydro-Biodigesters. By supplying enough viable strains of bacteria with targeted enzymes in one location the substrate is overwhelmed and consumed quickly.

Hydro-Biodigesters are so prolific they multiply by double every 15-20 minutes. If you start out with one cell in fifteen minutes you have two and so on. In 8 hours you will have 17-million and in twenty-four hours you have a 1 with one hundred and twenty six zeros behind it. Our products have a guaranteed cell count of 2.7 trillion in each pound of dry formula and 450 billion per gallon in our stabilized liquid.